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Adult Classes and Workshops

Butterfly Photography Workshop Lifelong learning is a central part of the mission of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. We hold workshops, lectures, and classes for people of all ages throughout the year.
Attend an informative lecture on a wide variety of gardening topics, or get your hands dirty in a fun workshop.  The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks offers many opportunities for learning! Vessel Making Class

Here is our complete class schedule for Spring of 2017!

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Classes 2017

Edible Mushroom Cultivation

Wednesday January 11th 6pm-7pm

With BGO Gardener  Alex Bergdahl

Exploring the cultivation and production of log grown mushrooms. Alex will share his experience of producing Shiitakes in the last few years, and expand upon his production methods. This presentation will be held in the BGO event hall. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


New Year, New You: Starts in the Kitchen!

Tuesday, January 24th 6pm-7pm

With Chef and Natural Foods Specialist Lindsey Hardin

“A New Year, A New You: Starts in the kitchen!” Join us for an evening of kitchen make over how to’s with Lindsey Hardin, Chef and Natural Foods Specialist. Lindsey will teach you how to budget, shop, and plan your meals to suit your lifestyle and personal needs. Practice these fresh tips and watch the pounds fall off without even trying! All it takes is a little mindfulness. Lindsey is a graduate of the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in Austin, TX. She has been teaching and coaching cooking skills for over 8 years!  Cost: $10/members or $20/nonmembers. Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620.


Abstracts, Close-Ups & Special Effects (Without Photoshop)

Monday, January 30th 6pm-6:45pm

With Photographer Eli Vega

Eli Vega is an award-winning and highly published photographer, writer, and workshop instructor. He will present his photography, his book “Right Brain Photography: Be and artist first,” and share is photography tips. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Asexual Propagation: How to Make More Plants from the Ones You Already Have!

Saturday February 4th 10am-10:45am

With BGO’s Lead Gardener Megan Lankford

A demonstration class featuring two types of asexual propagation, division and cuttings. We will explore how to divide a few different types of plants commonly found in the garden. We will also give a demonstration on how to make cuttings from herbaceous and woody plants. This class is Free and open to the public! Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Qi Gong for Lung Health

Tuesday, February 7th 6pm-7pm

With Licensed Acupuncturist and Tai Chi instructor Erik Hardin

“Qi Gong for Fall Lung Health workshop” Join Erik Hardin for this seasonal workshop on lung health. Learn a basic qi gong exercise routine to strengthen your lungs to help prevent winter sniffles! Erik has been practicing and teaching tai chi for over 10 years. He has a passion for preventative medicine and qi gong for health. Cost: $10/members or $20/nonmembers. Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620.


Succulent Café: Make and Take

Saturday February 18th 10-11:30am

With BGO Gardeners,  April Price  and Megan Lankford in the Greenhouse

Learn how to making new succulent planters and how to revive old ones in this fun make and take class.

Cost: $20 for member, $30 for non-members. Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620.


Lunch with the Doctor: Stress Reduction Workshop

Wednesday, February 15th 12pm-1pm

Hosted by Arkansas Physical Health & Rehab

Learn Techniques That Work To Reduce Stress And Increase Happiness! The number of health problems and trauma that can affect the well-being of your life can be traced back to the stress you are under. We are bombarded on a daily basis from environmental toxicity, lack of exercise and proper nutrition which all can be related to treatable health problems such as allergies, low blood sugar, nutritional deficiency and impurities in the body

Cost: $10/members; $20/nonmembers. Includes lunch from Panera Bread Company for no additional charge.


Healthy Yard / Healthy Planet – Gardening for Sustainability

Wednesday February 22nd 6pm-7pm

With BGO’s Garden and Design Manager, Lissa Morrison

Lissa Morrison, Garden Designer & Manager at BGO, encourages and teaches how to landscape for biodiversity and sustainability. Learning how to incorporate native plants in a manicured setting is an important part of this picture.  Lissa’s mission is to help all gardeners create a healthy oasis in their own environments. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Everything You Want to Know About Nesting Boxes

Tuesday, February 28th 6pm-7pm

Hosted by Wild Birds Unlimited

When do I put out nesting boxes?  Which birds use boxes?  Where and how should my nesting boxes be mounted?  How can I keep predators out of my boxes?  How is all this different than other parts of the country?…and much more.  Amy Tucker, owner of Wild Birds Unlimited in Fayetteville, AR will present on “Nesting Boxes” in Northwest Arkansas.  Things are a little different in every part of the country.  Find out what you need to know about nesting boxes in your backyard! Cost: $10/members or $20/nonmembers. Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620.

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WAIT! I’m Beneficial, Please Don’t Kill Me

Wednesday, March  8th 6pm-6:45pm

With BGO’s Lead Gardener, Megan Lankford

A presentation on common beneficial insects for your vegetable garden and plants that you can use to draw them in. This class will focus mainly on identification of beneficial insects. We will also compare and contrast a few beneficial and detrimental insects that are commonly mistaken for one another. This class is Free and open to the public! Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Rain Barrel Make and Take Workshop

Tuesday March 14th at 4:30pm OR 6pm

With Washington County Cooperative Extension Service

This class will take place twice. You can sign up for the 4:30pm session or the 6pm session. The classes will be identical. Participants will learn about the benefits of rain water catchment and how to harvest rainwater from rooftops so that you can water your garden with free water! All participants will then build a rain barrel while in class and then take home their very own easy to maintain rain barrel. Tools, barrels, hardware, and instructions will be provided but bring your own gloves if you desire them and wear appropriate attire to work outdoors. Cost: $30/members, $40/nonmembers (price includes all materials).  Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling (479)750-2620.

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Vegetable Gardening throughout the Year

Wednesday, March 15th 6pm-7pm

With BGO’s Gardener, Alex Bergdahl

Exploring a full year in the vegetable garden, namely how to extend and smoothly transition between each of the seasons. We will cover topics such as preparing for spring, selecting vegetable varieties, succession planting, organic methods, and winter gardening. Class will be held in the BGO vegetable garden, weather permitting. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Identifying Trees in the Wintertime

March 19th 1:30pm-3:00pm

Gerald Klingaman, Operations Director BGO

Trees are the major living feature of the Ozark region and the ability to identify them during the five months when they are without leaves is important for anyone interested in nature or the Ozarks.  Learn the basics of identifying the most common and important trees in the Ozark forest by studying overall growth form, leaf arrangement on dormant stems, bark characteristics and winter buds.  Cost: Free. Registration is requested and space is limited. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Landscape Design and Plant Selection

Tuesday March 28th 6pm-7pm

Hosted by Ellen’s Garden

Terry Delany, a longtime Northwest Arkansas resident,  has over 25 years of experience playing in the dirt and talking to the plants.  Many homeowners need help getting past the “blank slate” when it comes to landscape design.  Terry will share how his process for design starts with a list of questions that helps him and his clients understand the intent and function of the space.  He will also cover plant selection techniques and basic plant installation skills and tips. Cost: $10/members or $20/nonmembers. Please register at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620.

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Invasive Species Class

Tuesday, April 4th 5:30 – 7:30 PM

This hands-on, interactive class will start with a slide show presentation that goes over the basics: what invasive plants are, why removing them is important, safety while wokring, and identification. The presentation is 30-40 minutes, and then we take the group out, identify a few plants (bush and vine honeysuckle, privet, tree of heaven, etc.) along with poison ivy, and then show basic removal techniques and work with the group to practice clearing a small area. All tools will be provided.  The class is FREE but registration is requested and space is limited.
Also, your donations are gracioulsy accepted and will help our garden grow!

Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.

For more information and updates on the Invasive Species Class, check out our Facebook event page here.


Butterfly Gardening Class

Tuesday April 11th 6pm-7pm

With BGO’s Butterfly Mentor, Kitty Sanders

Butterfly Gardening is more than just planting pretty flowers! By gardening for butterflies, we help to improve the environment in a variety of ways. In this class our Butterfly House Mentor, Kitty Sanders, will discuss the basics of developing a butterfly garden. The class will include what host and nectar plants you need, tips on design, as well as the native butterfly species which may be drawn to your garden. By gardening for butterflies, we help to improve the environment in a variety of ways.  Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


Introduction to Succulent Care

April 13th 6pm-7pm

With BGO Horticulturalist

Learn about how to care for succulents, soil mixtures, and arrangements. This will be an informative class done in our event hall. We will have a succulent demonstration but this is NOT a make and take class. Cost:$10/members, $20/nonmembers. Registration is required and space is limited. Register online at bgozarks.org or by calling 479-750-2620

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Bird Walk with Joe Neal

Saturday. April 22nd 9am

With Local Ornithologist Joe Neal

Join field trip leader Joe Neal and others for bird watching in the immediate vicinity of the gardens. Meet 9 AM at the garden entrance. Bring binoculars if you have them, but they are not a necessity. The walk will be easy along the Lake Fayetteville Trail and the Nature Trail on the garden’s lake side, including the new Mulhollan Bird Blind, for a total 1.3 mile loop. You do not need to be an experienced birder to participate. All ages and abilities welcome. You do not need to be a BGO member to participate. We will finish by about 11 AM. We usually see a good variety of local nesting birds, spring migrants, and waterfowl at the lake edge. Reserve your spot for this free class by calling (479)750-2620.


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