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Founders Garden

The bright color concept in this garden is intended to awaken your mind as you take a minute to meditate on one of the benches with the soft sound of the water feature in the background.

Japanese Garden

This garden represents peace and tranquility, and is intended to serve as a serene place for quiet meditation.

This garden style hints at ancient landscapes that highlight the natural beauty of nature without overly ornamental design.

Vegetable & Herb Garden

The Vegetable and Herb Garden is one of the most dynamic gardens, providing an ever-changing array of edible plants, in combination with flowers.

Children's Garden

Centered around a sculpted ferro-cement tree, this garden provides a place for exploration and discovery for children and the young-at-heart.

This garden also has a water feature that included tadpoles, frogs, and water lilies.

Education Cottage & Gardens

The Education Cottage was the first structure built for the Garden.

All plants used in this garden serve as either a host plant or a nectar plant for butterflies and native pollinator insects.

Butterfly Garden

The Butterfly Garden, also known as the “butterfly pathway,” leads to the Butterfly House.

Like the gardens surrounding the Education Cottage, this garden is filled with host and nectar plants to attract native butterflies.

Four Seasons Garden

The Four Seasons Garden is designed to feature plants with some desirable characteristics in at least one of the four seasons, with colorful fall leaf changes, bright plant branches, and an evergreen presence.

Rose & Perennial Garden

The Rose and Perennial Garden showcases combinations that complement the beauty of the roses with the colors and textures of annuals and hardy perennials.

Shade Garden

The Shade Garden was the first to be built and features an array of shade-loving plants.

There are many spectacular plants that prefer this environment, some that even hold their foliage year round.

Ozark Native Garden

The Ozark Native Garden is maintained by the Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists, a group dedicated to improving and managing natural areas. This garden features native trees, shrubs, flowers, and grasses all native to the Arkansas Ozarks.

Sensory Garden

The Sensory Garden is designed for guests of varying degrees of ability by stimulating as many senses as possible.

Plants can use color, texture, taste and scent for protection, deterring unwanted insects and herbivores, or as a way to attract insects for pollination.

Rock & Water Garden

The Rock and Water Garden depicts an Ozark mountain stream with a grotto effect, waterfalls, and pools of water that one might see in the mountains.

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