Nature & Creativity Camp




Ages 7-10 years old

Campers will get to enjoy the outdoors, learn about the natural world, and create their very own art. They will apply critical and creative thinking skills through the exploration of science in nature. Topics include butterflies, carnivorous plants, reptiles, mammals, insects, and much more. Campers will explore the Garden and create artwork made with a variety of media and processes inspired by scientific discoveries. This is meant to be an intimate, interactive & hands-on learning experience for campers, so they will be learning tons in a fun way.

Garden Magic Camp




Ages 5-8 years old

Campers will have fun during a magical day of creativity and science! They will learn about the mysterious world of insects and plants while getting ready for the magic of the upcoming Firefly Fling festival. Activities will include creating with natural materials, making potions in our mud kitchen, and building a take-home fairy house or gnome home for their own garden, all while learning about the fantastical lore and magical science around gardens.

Butterfly Camp




Ages 8-11 years old

Led by dedicated butterfly volunteers and Garden staff members, campers will engage in hands-on lessons, exciting science projects, and a range of pollinator activities. With the help of hand lenses and microscopes, campers will have the opportunity to observe butterflies, caterpillars, and eggs up close. As budding scientists, they will actively participate in real data collection, contributing to valuable research on butterflies and their habitats. Topics for study include habitat, life cycles, coloration and defense, and butterfly behaviors. Butterfly Camp offers an immersive experience where campers will develop an appreciation for butterflies and other essential pollinators. Each camper will receive a caterpillar cage and a caterpillar to raise at home!


Field Trips