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Adult Classes and Workshops

Butterfly Photography Workshop Lifelong learning is a central part of the mission of the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. We hold workshops, lectures, and classes for people of all ages throughout the year.
Attend an informative lecture on a wide variety of gardening topics, or get your hands dirty in a fun workshop.  The Botanical Garden of the Ozarks offers many opportunities for learning! Vessel Making Class

Fall Class Schedule:

Designing with Ornamental Grasses

Wednesday, October 18th 6:30pm

With Lissa Morrison

Learn how to use and maintain ornamental grasses to give your garden a beautiful backdrop and enhance it’s natural beauty. Find out which species to choose and why as Lissa Morrison shares some of her favorites.  A hand-out with an informative list will also be available. Free for BGO Garden members, $10/ nonmembers. 


Common Beneficial Insect ID from Egg to Adult

Monday,  October 23, 6:30 pm

Many insects we find in our gardens are actually beneficial because they eat garden pests! However it can be hard to identify these beneficial insects because they look so different in their larval and pupa stages of life. In this class we will start with the egg, and identify every life stage of multiple common beneficial insects so that gardeners can learn what insects to keep in their gardens. We will also briefly touch on plants that you can use to draw and keep them in your garden. Free for BGO Garden members, $10/ nonmembers.  


Enjoying Bats in Your Garden

Sunday, October 29th 3pm-4pm

With Bat Conservation International

Learn the top 5 tips  for successful bat houses, fun facts from the world of bats, and things you can do to make a difference in bat conservation. Also, explore new apps that allow you to listen to bats and ID them in the night sky and take home the revised bat house building hand book.  $10/members, $20/nonmembers. 


Reading the Landscape

Sunday, November 5th 2pm-3:30pm

With Dr. Gerald Klingaman

Walk and talk with Dr. Klingaman about trees, hills, and Ozark history as he teaches how to read the landscape to tell stories about the past. This class will meet promptly at 2pm in the Garden’s Event Hall but will take place in the fields and woods around the Garden and Lake Fayetteville. Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate clothing, bring a water bottle, and your questions!  Free for BGO Garden members, $10/ nonmembers. 


Plants  with a Purpose: Herbal Tea Make and Take Class

Wednesday, November 8th 6:30pm

With BGO Horticulturists

Learn types of herbs that can be grown or found locally. Discover how different herbs can benefit your health. Then make your own special herb blend with select dried herbs and take home your very own custom tea bags. Registration and material fee: $10/members, $20 nonmembers. 


Making Plants from Plants: Asexual Propagation

Saturday, November 11th 10am

With BGO Horticulturist Megan Lankford

Did you know that you can make plants from the plants you already have? It’s as easy as 1,2,3! This demonstration class will feature two types of asexual propagation: division and cuttings. We will explore how to divide a few different types of plants commonly found in the garden. We will also give a demonstration on how to make cuttings from herbaceous and woody plants.  Free for BGO Garden members, $10/ nonmembers.  


Soil Health and How to get there

Wednesday, November 15th 6:30pm

With BGO Horticulturists

Soil is perhaps the most important factor to growing a good garden and in Arkansas much of our soil needs work before your garden will thrive. Join us for this hands-on look at soil. Learn about the basic soil types and find out how to turn your yard’s soil into healthy garden soil that your plants will love. Free for BGO Garden members, $10/ nonmembers.